Our Services


We deploy patient capital that allows entrepreneurs the time they need to develop their businesses. Our investment may fund expansion of existing operations or a joint venture, an acquisition or a takeover. It may take the form of equity or debt or some combination of the two.


We work with local and overseas firms. and investors to identify and execute the right strategic choices from among the multitude of opportunities in today’s Myanmar. The advice covers expansion options, leadership, risk, governance, fund raising, mergers and acquisitions.


We guide the creation of robust corporate, financial and board governance approaches, structures and systems. Such vital “internal plumbing” is a prerequisite for sustained growth and success.


We apply our extensive investment and operational expertise from working successfully with privately-owned and publicly-listed businesses. Our network of connections and industry experience mean our partners benefit from the opportunities and experiences of similar businesses in other parts of Asia.

Best-in-class practices as much as funding will create market leaders in Myanmar